Diary of a Bookaholic #1

I gonna try this new format on my blog called Diary of a Bookaholic. Under this title I’m going to write everything book related, for example my experience with reading or random thoughts on different themes. I hope you guys enjoy!

  BOOKAHOLIC: someone who keeps buying books to add to a stack of unread books

Yeah, that’s probably the best way to describe me. I’m addicted to buying books, but what’s wrong with that? Okay, I probably spend way to much money and time(I should spend studying) on books, but apart from that, nothing!📚

I have always been a big fan of books and reading in general. When I was in Nursery school I loved going to the library with my mom and when I got into Primary school it became a habit. I would visit my local library at least three times a week. I was the biggest fan of adventure books and middle grade novels and read every single one my library owned.

Just recently I talked with my mom and she told me that she used to read at least three books every week when she was my age, but now she doesn’t have the time to read, so it’s not surprising that I love books the way I do. I always thought I was born in the wrong family!😂

When I turned 13 I stopped reading frequently and lost interest in books and right now I’m asking myself WHHHYY? I mean hello? How could I not enjoy reading anymore?😱 I never got those people who say that reading is boring or a waste of time and I probably never will so we should leave it like that!

Anyway, after my two year long reading “break” I finally started reading again in the beginning of 2015 and that year I read 56 books and I’m really proud of myself. I absolutely love reading and always did and I think that the book blogging/tubing community is just awesome. There are so many people who share the same passion and it just motivated me throughout the year.

I hope that 2016 is gonna be just as great as 2015!☀︎


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