My Reading Playlist

Today, as promised, I am going to show you guys my reading playlist. I’m one of these people who love reading and listening to music at the same time and for that I have me playlist. Of course the songs on it change but usually I listen all the songs I enjoy at the moment and my favorite artists.

Depending on the book and on my mood I usually listen to Halsey’s album Badlands or to Troye Sivan’s Blue Neighbourhood (I’m obsessed with both of them).

Whenever I want to change things up a little I listen to songs I like at the moment. Right now I love When We Were Young by Adele and every song by Melanie Martinez.

If i do get bored or just want something new I use Spotify and choose a playlist. That’s also a great way to discover new songs.


I hope you enjoyed this short post and let me know if you listen to music while reading and if so which songs!👻✮👻



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