The Reading Slump

If you are a reader you probably know what I’m talking about.  We all have those days, weeks or even months when we just can’t pick up a book no matter how much we love reading. Yeah, well that happened to me just about the whole month of March and what better way to talk about a reading slump than now.

Lets start with the obvious: What is a reading slump?

According to Urban Dictionary a reading slump is a readers worst nightmare – not being able to pick up a book and read because you just can’t, you just can’t read.

What else can I say, that’s basically what a reading slump is. A nightmare!!


Durning this especially problematic  month, in which I went through my worst nightmare I kept asking myself one question (okay actually I had about a million desperate questions including: Will I ever read again? and Why can’t I just pick up a book and read? and so on). Anyway, that one question I couldn’t let go was:

How do I handle this reading slump?  

I start off by saying that I don’t think there is a specific way to “cure” the reading slump and that’s why we all hate it so much, but I have a few things that helped me get through and brought me back to that point where I actually wanted to pick up a book again.


So here’s Naomie’s guide on how to break a reading slump


  1. Motivation

Personally, whenever I want to go to the gym or try to eat healthier (even though I fail half of the time) I need motivation and so I usually watch a bunch of videos on youtube or look at pictures on Instagram and all that stuff.

And the same goes for reading. Even though it isn’t physical exercise because I just sit somewhere for several hours I still tried to motivate myself. And because where already on it I could recommend you guys some of my favourite booktubers, so if you ever feel a lack of motivation just check out their channels:

2. Audiobooks

If the previous tip didn’t really work you could try audiobooks. I’m personally not a big fan of audiobooks, but sometimes switch to them just to change thing up a little. What I like about them is that you can listen and still do other stuff in the meantime, but my problem is that I concentrate more on other things than the narrator and therefore am not able to follow the story.

3. Change the book

No matter what brought you into the reading slump one of the best things to do during such thing is to change the book you’re currently reading. Maybe a short one or even one you’ve already read.

4. Take a break

If none of these things worked there is only one way to end it and even though it means not even reading one page a day. Just put your book aside and binge watch every series in the whole entire universe. I guarantee you that your inner book-nerd will soon come out again and force you to read every book on your shelf.

What I have learned this month is, that reading slumps need time. No matter how hard I try and how many books I start – the reading slump won’t stop. Not until one had its needed amount of Netflix.

Anyway, I hoped I could help some of guys with my professional advice on how to cure a reading slump.

Let me know how long your longest reading slump lastet, I’m curious to know!


I wish you all an amazing day!



10 thoughts on “The Reading Slump

  1. Thanks for sharing. What usually helps is change the genre or put the book I’m trying to read down for another one that will get me engaged into the story immediately. A little persistance and before you know it I’m over that moment.

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  2. Ohhh, the dreadful reading slump. I think what works best for me is to just stop reading for a few days or so, and just binge watch a lot of Netflix. Netflix is the ultimate way to get over a reading slump! Changing up the book or genre doesn’t really do it for me. It’s almost like my body is saying, how you’ve been reading too much and you just need a break. 🙂

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  3. Great post! I was in a year long reading slump and I got out of it by watching Booktubers and reading Illuminae. I have an awful attention span though so I’m kinda constantly in mini reading slumps so to help I always have a few books going at once or I’ll read comics/graphic novels.

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  4. I usually just binge watch TV but that’s not really effective since I just end up eating chips. Great list, I’ll definitely try these the next I’m in a reading slump.

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