I have ten days to write a story.

My last english grade for this semester is connected to writing a story about something, well anything. It doesn’t matter. And I mean, I’ve done this before,it isn’t that difficult, but I just can’t think of anything.

I love writing and I usually never have any problems thinking about new characters or settings, but I guess today is just one of those days when my creativeness is lacking. I was looking at prompts and inspiration now for over an hour, but everything i read is not what I’m looking for. I know in minute or tomorrow I’ll find something I can work with, but until then I thought I would let you in on my little dilemma.

Let me know if you ever had to writeย and you had absolutely no clue what to write. Cause that’s killing me right now.



2 thoughts on “*help*

  1. sounds like you’re stuck. usually when that happens, I sit down and force myself to write. doesn’t matter what I write. I will write about how I don’t have anything to write. I will write how I think I’m not creative or a good enough wordsmith to write. then eventually the act of writing something down will trigger an idea or thought that could lead to a sentence.

    10 days to write a story is doable. you just have to dedicate yourself to only writing during those ten days. if you can get 8 days of writing all the plots and everything the last 2 days can be used for editing and proofreading before you submit the story. do not edit during the writing process. it won’t do you any good and it’ll just end up wasting your time. if you can’t help but to want to edit, just tell yourself that you’re saving 2-3 days for you to edit.

    it’ll be fine. good luck writing your story!

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