Hi to anyone who still follows my blog!

I have finally found desire to write again and also to read. Well, for all of 2017 so far I have read a total of 6 books.



I was in the biggest reading slump of my life and now I’m finally able to read again.

As I was sulking in my miserable state of being I remembered a blog post I had once written with the glorious title “The Reading Slump“. In it I was talking about how to overcome this phenomenon and here I was not being able to read a single page for 5 months.

But the day has finally come (yesterday): I finished a book!

The book that helped me get out of The Slump (that’s what I will call it from now on) was Crank by Ellen Hopkins.

Since I’m back to reading I really wanted to start this blog again, so bear with me as I try to get into my rhythm again.

I hope you’re all well and have a great day!

Your long lost Naomie!



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